Wednesday, February 3, 2021


       Most people if they haven't gone on to another blog will be asking what's TMJ. Fair question. Here's why I didn't write it out. It stands for temporomandibular joint. You can now understand why it's cut down to TMJ. This is a joint in the jaw.

      Many people have an unpleasant cracking sound in the jaw when they chew. It's irritating but not harmful. The problem is when the jaw goes out of alignment. Then there's a fair bit of discomfort. It hurts when you chew.

     So this is a long way of telling you that the Micro Manager has TMJ. It has bothered her for about 6 months. She's been doing research at top speed. There are many treatments and most of them debatable. There are many different kinds of people who will treat TMJ. Who to go to is the big question. You can get surgery or mouth appliance for treatment. You have to make a decision because everybody says their treatment is the best.

     Then there is absolutely no kind of coverage for any treatment for TMJ. My employee benefit plan does not include coverage. Our Alberta health care plan does not cover you for one cent. No senior plan gives you one dime. So you find a practitioner and make your choices and what ever you come up with is paid for out of your own pocket. It costs about $2500.00

     So an appliance was made up for the Micro Manager and it was "installed Monday. It's a device to move the jaw over so that it is back in alignment. It takes nine months and you wear the appliance 24/7.

     So far it has gone well . We need two different meals as she has to have her food pureed. This is going to be a fun time.