Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Would You Change Your Blog's Name?

        I found out that a friend was thinking about starting a blog. He hadn't got any further than thinking that he had many good stories to tell. That discussion got me thinking about what happens when someone sets up a blog.

       I knew no one who had a blog. I had looked at blogs . But, I had no one I could go to and get some hands on advice. 

     One of the first things you are asked to do when setting up a blog is come up with a name. I had a name in mind before I actually got around to setting up my blog. I had gone to a one room rural school from gr. one to nine. I wanted to honor that little school for I had  while I attended. I thought house would make things inviting and I could use this to make people feel welcome. Other than that I had no idea that a blog name could be used to bring more traffic to your site! My decision was completely romantic.

       I think most bloggers write things because they want people to read what they have to say. For most people the writing comes easy. They have lots to say and can make it interesting. But there are some mechanics that can be used to get a bigger audience.

       Here's where I step out into uncharted territory. Some blogs seem to stand out and grab your attention. Aha! A professionally done web site. Great color combinations! An eye catching header! Attractive side bars!  Lots of great photos! Regular features! All these things count but then, you get back to that stupid name!

      I have started two other blogs for clubs. One  blog is called Natural Wise. So if someone uses natural or nature there's a good likely hood that search engines will take you the Natural Wise.

      Have you seen eye catching names? Have you seen a name that search engines would like? Hiawatha House is ranked first on the search engine listings for Hiawatha. On the other, hand how often does someone Google Hiawatha something? I  don't think my name is bringing in many readers. Fortunately there are many other ways to gather readers.

     So my question is, "Would you change the name of your blog if you thought it would attract more readers? Are you attached to your blog's name like I am? "