Wednesday, April 1, 2020


      Okay, most of my followers have very nice spring weather. That's the way it should be for April 1.

      Meanwhile I'm left looking forward to spring from winter. Today we had a high of minus 12 C (10 F). There was a blustery  wind. It was far from a spring day. It would even be classified as a nasty winter day.

     Needless to say, very little winter snow has melted. The first snow melts off the roof. From my photo you can see that snow is still on the roof of all houses.

    So at 7:30 Pm I was sadly looking out the window when I thought this is a good day to mark a very late spring.

       So lots of snow on the roof.

     I noticed the evening sun on a wall. When I looked at the photo I thought this would be good for one of those fence photos. You  can see three separate fences and a shadow of a fence.