Monday, May 11, 2020


    So "Don't You Hate it When" brought another product issue to my mind. So I thought let's get this one out in the open.

    Now , I'm 80 years old and I'm in good shape as far as the age is concerned. My eyes are not like they were when I was 18 but they're still good enough to get by. Small print is another rant but that will have to wait.

    What I really dislike is the pattern of putting the front of many products in black. They do it in cars. The dashboard is completely black! When I bought my car there was only one color that didn't have a black dashboard. So as well as having  a black dashboard , the writing is small and it seems like the dash is down by your feet.

     Now I have an Asus computer and the front of it is black. It is down at the level of my feet as that's where the shelf is on my computer desk. So I have to back my chair up a bit and bend down to find a USB port. At night , I have my handy flashlight to find things. I also use my flashlight in the car.

   So you can see that it's hard to see anything on my computer.

   Another one? Do they make stereos any color but black. Again the flashlight comes in handy to find stuff on the stereo. 

    So here's my old stereo..  all black.

    So other things that are black: toaster oven, radios, boom box!

    I'll bet none of you have thess problems!