Monday, April 8, 2019


    One of the best parts of blogging are the comments. I like receiving comments where I learn something, have to rethink my post or change my position. I also like making comments. It's a conversation in blogging.

     However, last week I received a comment from Mr or Mrs Anonymous and it was much out of line. I've seen these comments before. I know what kind of deluded people make them.

    All of you have seen the comment about Baby Boomers and how awful they are that they are using everything up in a very selfish way and leaving nothing for the coming generations except debt. Baby boomers should just get out of the way (die) and quit using up resources and leaving huge debts. This person cannot see clearly because of their own selfishness. It was somewhat alarming to see a comment with such utter lack of reality.

    I would like to be able to tell this person that if that's the way they feel don't drive on roads or bridges that baby boomers have built. Don't drink the water or dispose of your sewage using baby boomer facilities. Just don't use any of the public infrastructure that baby boomers have built . The infrastructure may not be completely paid for but there's nothing wrong with future generations paying for a share for their usage. What do they think that everything should be built and that they can use it for nothing?

    Finally, I'm not a baby boomer. I'm a prewar baby. I know that people had to pay for a war so that we might be free. It took many years to pay for the war. 

    I wonder what other bizarre ideas Mr or Mrs Anonymous could come up with?