Saturday, February 16, 2019


    This morning I noticed that I was counting as I walked from one part of the house to another. I also noticed when I started to pee I was counting. I caught myself counting a couple more times throughout the morning. What's going on?

    It kind of bothered me as it was such a weird behavior. Something twigged in the back of my brain about compulsive counters. I looked it up. Yes, some people count all the time. They count no matter what they are doing.

   So what's going on? To me there should be a reason for things happening.

   I started to think about what was happening in my life. I have a nasty bit of rotator cuff problem. I'm doing all kinds of stretching and strength building exercises. Of course, with all of these routines you count and then you do another routine and count. I've been working hard on the stretches and strength building. I want to end my rotator cuff suffering.

    So I think because I've been counting so much for my exercises I started to count at other times.

   Now rotator cuff is nasty. Little tears occur under a tendon that goes over the shoulder joint. Muscles stiffen and then weaken. To complicate mine, I have arthritis. I noticed something uncomfortable with my shoulder in September but thought it would go away. It didn't go away so I asked my doc about it when I had my check up in Nov. He told me to look on the Internet and find stretches which I did. Things just kept getting worse so that in January I booked my self into physio therapy. Now I'm at a stage where I have the odd good day or good night. I hope I get on top of this thing before spring. I know one thing for sure. Counting isn't going to help me.

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