Monday, October 28, 2013

Curried Carrot Soup for Lunch

      Today I had to be in the house so I made a big pot of curried carrot soup! Remember I told you I had a big surprise when I went north and had to cook for myself. I like cooking and now with the Internet you just find a recipe that looks good and away you go.

My wonderful soup

     Ordinarily , I'm outside most of the day. The weather man kept me in the house today.

We received this snow Sun. Oct. 27

Some landscape trees do not harden off like this willow so it still has colorful leaves.

This particular willow sprawls over a large area.

I hope this year that the willow loses most of its leaves before I put my ski trail out in the park

The deer visited this park last night.

   so now you see why I stayed in and made soup!