Thursday, September 18, 2014

Skating Season is Upon Us

        As some long time followers know I skate all winter. I have also posted on skating about 15 times. So I have probably said all there is to say about skating without repeating myself.

Trusty equipment

       In my town we have senior skating on Tues. and Fri from the first Tues in Sept to the last Tues in April. This year we skated until mid may. So seniors have many opportunities to skate.

     Skating ability varies widely but everybody has great fun. We get good exercise and socialize with some great people. My skating has even improved a bit over the years. I've come to know some great people in skating. 

     This year I'm more satisfied with my skating than last year. A few problems gradually crept up on me for the last few years. For some reason a major muscle on my right leg weakened and another muscle tried to compensate for the weak muscle. It resulted in some scary weakness in the right leg. It got so bad this spring that I went to physio therapy. They explained what had happened and worked with me and gave me stretches and exercises to do. When they say 12 reps three times a day , they mean it. I didn't get up to that amount and got discouraged because little improvement occurred. I finally had to say to myself, "Look, this is going to take effort." I put in the effort and have improved greatly. Everything in my daily life improved. My cycling has improved. I was almost ready to quit cycling. I'm close to where I was a few years ago.I hadn't noticed that there was a problem until it was almost too late. 
    There's only one thing wrong with skating! We should have many more skaters.