Sunday, December 11, 2016


      On Black Friday, the micro manager decided she wanted to go to the nearby mall and have lunch in the food court. I don't like eating in food courts so I made my own lunch at home.

      The Micro manager had a few things she wanted to look for. One was to settle the underwear purchase I wrote about a few posts ago. She will then walk around checking out stores and looking for things we may need later. Now why any sane person would like to putz around the mall on Black Friday is beyond me. Now I rarely go to the mall except to drop off or pick up the Micromanager. I buy gas but after that I don't buy anything. I must repeat, I don't like malls.

     The idea of Buy Nothing Friday appeals to me. It's easy for me to buy nothing on Buy Nothing Friday because I don't buy anything.

     Now about 4:00PM I got a phone call from the micro manager asking me to come to the mall to look at some shoes I(she)had been looking for. What I should say is that she was looking for some shoes for me. Well, she phoned and asked me to come out right a way to try on the shoes she found. There was only one pair and they were holding them for her.

     Out I go and the parking space was far away from the mall. I find the store and the Micro manager. I try on the shoes. They fit and were what I had been looking for. After being quizzed for ten minutes to be sure that the shoes fit we decided to buy them. Was  I sure the shoes were long enough? Did my toes hit the end of the shoe? Were the shoes wide enough? Would I put both shoes on.Would I walk in them to see how they felt? I'm sure there were more questions from the Micromanager.The shoes were half price! What a deal!

     By this time the Micro manager was ready to go home.

     Now I'm ashamed to admit it but by accident I bought something on Black Friday!