Friday, May 13, 2022


        I've had a good string of luck lately. If I talk about it will the run end? 

        Well I've just got to tell you my luck anyway.

        A few months ago the bank made a boo boo which didn't  lose us any money but created a headache for more than just me. My tax man had to find out why I got several thousand more of a refund from income tax. The tax dept. had to discover what was wrong and how to fix it. So the bank came up with several treats for inconveniencing me.

      Then I told you abut my find of  wheel chair and walker. That makes three instances of good fortune.

     Well it went on to four pieces of good luck. When I was on my way to the birding walk last Sat . morning, I found a nice crisp 20 dollar bill on the curb. I looked around there was no one in the area. So I guess the 20 dollar bill is mine!

     So onward and no issues of superstition of talking about good luck. 

    Funny how luck runs in streaks.