Friday, March 15, 2019


    I've had deteriorating hearing for the last 5 to 10 years. I've tried to ignore it. I've tried to live with it. I've tried to blame it on others like the  Micro Manager. I've tried to blame it on other health issues.

   About a year ago I finally admitted the obvious. I had to get hearing aids. Then came the shopping. There's a very wide selection of places who want to take your money. Lots of warranty and service are promised.

    In Alberta we have something called aids for daily living. That gave me about $900.00. My health insurance agave me another $900.00 I pay about 1/3 for the hearing aids I got.

    I got the no frills aids. It's very basic. Not much more than volume control. Yes ,they set them according to your test and what you can and cannot hear.

    Off you go!

    Well, on the way out to the parking lot I was amazed at all the things I hadn't been hearing for a doors slamming, shopping carts and car motors running. The car motors is important. When I would walk through a parking lot I had to watch cars start to back out. I couldn't hear which cars were running and about to start backing up. So this is actually a serious safety issue.

    When I got in the house I stopped many times to say what is that. Footsteps, fabric rubbing, faucets running (very loud). I could hear the radio at the back of the house again.

    Most of all I can hear the micro Manager.

   I got the behind the ear type 

   One hurdle I haven't mastered yet is to insert the aids into the ear.

    So over all I'm very happy and look forward to the time that it's easy to insert them into the ear.