Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Part Company With a Long Time Friend

     Until yesterday I owned a 1978 Chev Impala. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I owned a 38 year old car. But yesterday I parted with my old friend.

I hid the rust!
    Why did I keep a car for 38 years?  It was not by design. It just happened.

    I had a utility trailer that I used to haul items too large to go in the car. The old car had the hitch and just stuck around for the little job of pulling the trailer.

    Now my old "green machine" had more noble things to  do in the past than just haul an old run down utility  trailer. It was a family car. We went for family trips and holidays. We had a holiday trailer that was used for travel.(made one trip to California) Does anybody remember holiday trailers? They were before truck campers, motor homes and 5th wheels. You pulled them with a station wagon! There were many good times with the green machine. I once picked up my son and three friends from a movie. I thought it was strange that four thirteen year olds all wanted to sit in the back and leave me alone in the front. I might have known. All of a sudden WWF broke out on the back seat. I thought the car was going to be out of control before the wrestling bout ended. I thought the car interior would be trashed. Kids learned to drive in the old car. Just think of how many tons of groceries this old chevy carried over the years.

    However, there comes a time when things have to move on. Yesterday some kid came and bought his first car. I hope it runs well for the short time he will use it.