Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm Finally Allowed to Wash Windows!

     This is the first house we ever owned. Soon after we moved in we noticed that the windows were pretty messy. I never remember seeing my mother wash windows although I'm sure she did. I think my wife suffered the same window washing mentor ship.

     So one fine day my wife asked me to take the garden hose and swish off the windows. Of course all of you know what happens. You get a terrible mess. So my wife thought she could do a better job and she tried the garden hose. No better results.

     So my wife did some research and found that there were products available for window washing. Over the years she developed a rigid routine for window washing. We have the cleanest windows in town. First, she would take a dry cloth and wipe off the windows first and then the wood around the window. Second, she would wash the window with clear water and then the wood around the window. Last she would use windex with a wash and polish.

    Now the last couple of years I have been allowed to wash the higher windows as she said , "I'm getting too short to reach the top." I had a little difficulty with the rigid routine. I almost had to write it down to remember to do things in the correct order. 
The final polish.  Notice the reflections in this super clean window.

     This year my wife said, "I'm seventy five and I'm not getting on step ladders anymore."
Ah finished!  Again the vivid reflections.

     So after 42 years I am finally allowed to wash windows! What an awesome thrill!