Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Disputin' Putin

     It was a very sickening feeling to hear that Russian troops had entered the Crimea.

      The Ukrainians were beating each other up which is not the correct way to solve problems. They  would have resolved some of their problems if they had been left alone.

     For Putin to march into the Crimea without permission was going to compound the problem rather than promote a solution. Putin had some debatable reasons for entering the Crimea. None of them were an emergency and could have been dealt with in other ways. Like , let's try talking.

   Putin seems to be gambling that no one will confront him and send him home. The Ukrainians are not in  position where they can take action. It would give Putin reason for stronger action. Putin has some of his own territory where people don't like him. These people could decide to take action while Putin is busy.

   Putin entering the Ukraine  is an all  round bad situation. 

    Now Putin has some poor examples to follow.

    I can make some self righteous comments but if I examine what we've  (Canada)  been involved in, we haven't been a good example. We waltzed into Iraq in the first Iraqi war. We gleefully entered Afghanistan where we were going to clean up all the bad guys. I know we said we had reasons for these two actions. But were they the right reasons? Were we asked to come into these countries to help them?  Have these actions accomplished anything ? Did they make it better or worse for the people? They were certainly poor examples for others.

    Now just because some one else entered other countries doesn't excuse Putin for his actions.

    All of us need to sit down and take a deep breath and try to find a suitable solution before armies become involved. Peace is so very valuable. You'd think we could work harder for peace.