Wednesday, April 24, 2019


     Spring is ready to pounce here. Our snow disappeared in early April. We've had decent temperatures with highs around 10 C ( 48 F) and lows with light frosts. Plants...yes plants...we have some. Plants have been pretty well dormant.

     This week I've noticed a change. Plants are starting to respond . Leaf buds have been developing. Some perennials have started. My violets beside the house are almost in bloom. Can you believe it?

     From now on things happen very quickly. we get very long days so the plants get many hours of sunlight and develop rapidly. 

    Today the sun rose at 6:18 and sets at 8:48 for 14 hours and 30 minutes of sunshine. Our evenings are long.

    Now today slowed things down as there was a nasty cold wind with a temperature of 7 C. the forecast for the next few days is cool and cloudy so plants will veg for a few days. 

   So just when everybody is starting to think of summer I thought I'd remind you that some of us are enjoying spring. So our trees have some big fat leave buds and there are tinges of green grass.

      Lilac leaf buds

    Some green grass is showing