Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Season's Greetings

         Season's greetings to all my valued readers from Hiawatha House. Readers are highly valued by writers as when we write we hope someone will read and have some type of response to what we say. You may agree or disagree with the ideas. You may like or dislike the humor or point of view taken. You may understand or be baffled by what is said. You may learn something knew or think about something in a different way.

         Writers need  responses as it tells them so many things. I get new ideas to write about. I find out if I'm making sense or not. Many comments support what I am doing and as such encourage me to explore new ideas. A blog is really a community.

        Many of my readers are somewhat shy as few comments are made. I know enough of my readers personally as they are friends and relatives. I get feed back when I see them or communicate in some way. It's always interesting to welcome someone who is searching the net and they find my blog. Some people take a good look at the blog and then  go on and disappear. Whatever your visit, it is most appreciated.

      My fellow author Jock, has his own blog. He has written a very good Christmas story which is very worthwhile for you to read so click on the link and read an original Christmas story.

     So from Hiawatha House have a wonderful Christmas.