Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Starts Again...

          As a retired teacher who spent 37 years in the classroom all things education catch my attention.

          The start of school each year is always a big event. Now looking at the start of school from a different perspective gives me much time for reflection. When I was teaching I concentrated on being organized and prepared for the arrival of students. There was much organization that first day which had to be done. As a result I really didn't get a chance to look at school starting from the students point of view.

        This year my neighbor behind my house is starting middle school. I talked to her a few days ago and couldn't help but notice how excited she was about the upcoming school year. She will be going into grade six at a school for grades six to eight. She is ten going on eleven so they are quite young for this change. So she got me thinking about school starting more than usual because she is going to attend the school I taught in. Her next door neighbor, the same age, is also starting grade six. Both these kids are great neighbors and I am thrilled when I hear them greet me from up the street. They will both do well in their new school.

        Then I have written about two teenagers who are my go to guys when it comes to technical challenges. The guy is starting grade nine in the high school so his Mom has told me that he is suitably excited about starting high school. He has set high levels of achievement for himself and I wish him much success. His sister is in her last year of high school and she is in student leadership and showing the rookie grade nines around.

       This year a friend has decided that his children would walk to the elementary school on their own. Since I live about halfway between his house and the school he has asked if his kids could contact me in case of emergency on the way to school.

       So these neighborhood kids have kept me in touch with the start of school. I wish all of them a very successful year at school.