Friday, September 4, 2020


    My last two posts were a disaster.  As hard as I tried I couldn't get the font or size of print I wanted. I couldn't indent paragraphs. I thought I couldn't get photos but then I found them.

     I knew something was wrong but not what or how to correct it. There were red , green and blue words. there was code between the words.  I tried everything and searched as hard as I could search. 

    So go to young people for a solution. I checked with my kids. They couldn't come up with anything. They're not kids any more...48 and 50. They're too old to help me.

    My daughter did give me one hint that it sounded like html. 

    So I looked to see where I may have accidentally clicked on a html icon. I accidentally found it. It's in the upper left hand corner of the blog. There is compose and html. I had accidentally clicked on html. So I clicked on compose and I was back in business.

    I did much cussing and search to find a solution. I won't forget that for a while. 

   So my apologies for some very poor posts.

     So there it is. The pencil stands for compose and the triangle is html