Sunday, August 16, 2015

Corn on the Cob

     I like growing vegetable gardens. Eating vegetables from the garden is the payoff for all the effort. I won't call gardening work because I like all parts of the process.

     I think there's no better tasting food than that which  comes fresh out of the garden.

     I was raised on a farm and Mom and Dad always had a huge vegetable garden. I remember not liking weeding the garden. However, I do remember the great food from the garden.  Mom would have boxes of tomatoes at the door. When we came home from school and went to do our chores we took 3 or 4 tomatoes from the box and ate them like apples.

    We had a huge corn supply. When Mom had corn for supper that's all there was...only corn and tea. Yes, I know some people will think this is weird but it was a feast for us.

    So today was the first day for eating my corn  crop this year. Now I had to have more than corn because the micro manager won't buy in to having just corn. You have to have other food along with the corn.

    So here  is part of the process to get  the corn to the plate.

The corn patch

By this time of year corn looks a little ragged

Cobs have been carefully selected

And the husks have been taken off

And the corn hits my plate