Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gently November Arrives

       The beginning of November has brought us very mild pleasant weather. We've had a chinook which began the last few days of October and is forecast to last to the end of the week. Halloween evening was well above freezing so it was great for all the little beaners out trick or treating.

      I made much the same post at the beginning of October but the October weather turned out to be dismal. We had mostly cloudy cool conditions with some moisture. The moisture wasn't excessive but was enough to prevent the soil drying up so that gardens could be properly worked. Much of my garden soil was actually mud. I would dig it and let it lie a couple of days and then dig it and let it dry. I was fortunate to get 5 barrels of shavings to work in as my soil is heavy clay because of a sewer line replacement a few years ago.

     So with the start of November being pleasant, I'm holding my breath hoping that we don't have nasty weather coming our way for the remainder of the month. Our Novembers are usually a time when temperatures get colder and we can have very cold nights. It's also the time when we can receive snow that stays with us.