Monday, February 11, 2013

Lab Challenged

      In preparing for my annual physical check up I was sent to a lab for the many routine tests.

      I arrived very early and so they sent me for my EEG because the lab wouldn't be open for 20 min. The EEG went fine and I went back to the lab. I waited two minutes and I was in. They took the usual vials of blood for the necessary tests. This went great as they hit the vein dead on.

    When I finished the blood work I had one test left. I was handed a small extremely cheap plastic cup and a vial with a centimeter diameter(7/32 in.). You guessed it . The last stop was at the wash room. Now I don't think you could find a more flimsy plastic cup. Most paper cups would be more substantial. I was to make my deposit in the cup and then pour enough of the deposit to fill the vial. Now it doesn't take much imagination to know what might go wrong. Yes, cheap little plastic cup and small accident waiting to happen. And it did. Next there's a blue plastic cap to go on the top of the vial. Put the sucker on and check to see if it's right. Well , it's not . So push harder. Still lopsided so really push and finally the lid went on. 

     Now here's my point. What are these people in the labs thinking when they set up such a system?  You can see this little old guy and many more rocking back on his/their heels and trying to pour liquid in a very small tube . We shake a bit and can't see too well. It doesn't work. It will be messy! So what do I do next time? Smuggle a little funnel into the lab! Take in a drinking straw to use as pipette?  What if they quit giving you the cheap plastic cup? I hate to think of that one!

    I'm going to have to check with my brother who has  health care kind of job. He's going to have to check into what can be done to help his elderly brother with a lab test. 

    So I hope for everybody else that other areas have not gone on such a cheap test and that nobody has to go through this ordeal.