Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hiawatha House Says, "All Old Guys Should Skate."

       Hiawatha House has done a series of All Old Guys Should....  They are things that I enjoy doing and highly recommend them for others. I've done all old guys should ride bike, have a paper route etc.

       Today of course, is my time to tell about ice skating. Ever since I retired in 1997 I have skated once a week in the winter time. I was never a good skater and did not skate for about 20 years before I retired. I was worried about my skating ability but decided to try it. Skating came back slowly. Since then I have improved my skating so that at this time of my life I skate better than I ever did. Even though I was from a small rural community, I didn't play hockey so I did not learn skating skills. I only skated as a recreation.

     Now we meet at an arena once per week and skate laps mostly. It's a great work out and one gains skills in balance and agility. In other words it's a good way to work out the "stiffs." We play music and some people enjoy skating to the music and some people couple skate. As always with skating there is great banter in the dressing room and then we go the Dairy Queen for coffee. It's a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Come and join me.