Saturday, August 20, 2022


        More than a few lies are being told by politicians today. 

        I can think back to the late 1940's to a politician by the name of Tommy Douglas. Tommy Douglas didn't tell lies to further his cause. He just stood up and supported his cause until all his opponents had had enough. His cause was to help people. Tommy Douglas brought in Medi-care to Canada. 

       In Canada, John Diefenbaker was an honorable man who knew how to support his cause. Lester Pearson was instrumental in bringing in Peace Keepers. These were two Prime ministers in the 50' and 60's in Canada. 

      Over the years , I guess, politicians wanted their own things so had to play fast and dirty to get what they wanted. 

     Somewhere along the way telling lies slowly entered the political scene. 

     The smart guys knew how to tell a lie that sounded like the truth and got away with it. Then they started telling lies about each other. Elections brought lies to a much higher level. Others could tell blatant lies and didn't care if people recognized it. Trump fits that category. 

     For the sake of simplicity let's divide things into left and right. I admit that I'm a lefty. Oh boy, I just lost a bunch of followers! So I could spot  lie from the right wing from miles away. Of course, the lefties were the good guys and didn't tell lies, so I thought!

     So politicians of all stripes are using lies to get elected and further their causes. 

    I have recently begun to recognize that both sides tell lies. I should have known this a long time ago.

    What about religious denominations? Are they squeaky clean when it comes to the truth?

    It hit me when the Ukraine war started. Both sides were making good use of propaganda. 

    I lived in a time when politicians were somewhat reliable. I would like to go back to that time again.