Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jeremy Wotherspon: Congratulations on Your Retirement

       So Jeremy Wotherspoon makes it official this week and Retires! He was going to retire this year but it got speeded up a bit because of health treatment. I wish to congratulate Jeremy on his retirement and thank him for all the pleasure he brought to us over the years with his splendid performances.
       I have said before that I don't follow sports but once in a while a specific athlete will catch my attention. Jeremy is one of those athletes. He is the epitomy of hard work and dedication. Work ethic? You bet. To compete at such a high level for so long would take endless hours of training. Training takes will power. Jeremy competed with the clock. He was mentor to all younger speed skaters.

     Jeremy started his speed skating on an outdoor track in Red Deer , Alberta . There were a dozen or so kids and a local coach. Outdoor speed skating is tough. They were able to visit the speed skating oval in Calgary occasionally . I've skated on the Calgary skating oval and it's a treat so I'm sure when Jeremy as  a kid got to skate on the oval he was hooked.

     I'm sure that we will hear more of Jeremy in the future as he has much to give to speed skating.

    So Red Deer , Alberta, how does Wotherspoon Way sound for the name of a street to honor Jeremy?