Sunday, May 6, 2018


    We've been telling ourselves that we want to downsize and get rid of extra inventory like all the things we haven't used for many years. We talk about it but are not very successful when it comes to action . 

    So Saturday we had a garage sale. Photos are from 2010 so you know how long we've been working at this.

    First of all there is one of us who doesn't believe in throwing things in the trash. Throwing things in the trash is a fast and dirty way to get rid of stuff. If you can believe it I found book makers on the sale Saturday!

    After that there should be a free bin. Anything in the bin is free. 

    Then prices should be reasonable as garage sale customers want things for cheap. We have tried not putting prices on articles and asking for offers. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. 

    Then stuff on  garage sale should have some quality. 

    Well, we were disappointed Saturday. After you spend all winter putting things in a garage sale pile and then haul it upstairs and outside and sit all day ...well . it's a lot of work. 

    On Saturday we sold very little. There wasn't a lot of traffic. 

   The only bright spot was that we sold more stuff from in the house that was not on the garage sale than actual stuff on the garage sale.! 

    We had some table clothes and sheets for sale. One lady wanted them all. Then the Micro Manger in her lightning quick logic said that there was more in the house. So the MM brought out more table cloths and sheets and the lady bought them. Can you believe that the MM still had our wedding table cloths. They were sold. Yes, the wedding table cloths have been kept for 52 years and never used.

    So we looked at each other and said, " This is not worth it." We'd planned two garage sales so we'll go through with the plan. What plan B will be you never can tell.