Saturday, July 28, 2018


      In a few seconds of awkwardness I took a clumsy fall . Again there was no harm done and I know I'm going to get the same lecture about safety. And I'm not asking for any sympathy. But I'm going to tell my story anyway.

    Falls for the elderly are in slow motion. We know we're going down and we know where. Our butt hits the ground before our head knows we're falling. Our reaction time is too slow to halt or control the fall.

    So what was I doing? I was cleaning my car. I had my stepladder so that I could clean the top. I put the stepladder aside when I was finished with it. (You'll need to know this later. )

    I was cleaning the exterior below the doors and backing up. Somehow I tripped while going backward. Not a problem. You just fall on your butt which at this point is close to the ground. 

    Okay the ladder was 2 ft away from the car. Some how, I got my feet tangled up in the ladder. My fall was rapidly picking up speed and the ladder was in the way. I knocked the ladder down and was tangled up in the ladder. I checked myself to see if I'd done any damage. Maybe, I should ice this bruise for few minutes.

    I came outside a few minutes later to finish the job. I noticed that the step ladder was in awful shape. Some of it looked like spaghetti . I picked the stepladder up but it would not stay standing. So my step ladder was injured. I carefully bent back some pieces of step ladder and I'm back in business again.