Wednesday, November 9, 2016


      I've written about being fortunate in finding a new family doc.  Now don't worry. I still go to the guy and every time I visit him I'm more impressed. He's at a walk in clinic and sometimes there's a long wait. However, he told me I could make appointments. There are 4 to 7 physicians in the clinic.

     Sometimes the wait at the walk in clinic was two hours. I noticed that many of the patients were pregnant women. I also noticed that there were many women checking in with brand new babies. I didn't think anything about the people I saw in the waiting room.

    Then I noticed that the pregnant women and infants were all going to my doctor.

    Still nothing twigged.

     Then one day I noticed that some of the  letters behind my doc's name were an indication that he had some extra training in obstetrics!

     Wow! How did I become this guy's patient?

     My doc practises as a general physician first. I think he must be very good at obstetrics and so has many patients. He's also very good at looking after an elderly man. He's bright, knows his stuff and is a good communicator.

     However, I did wonder for a little while how I got to have a doc with training in obstetrics.

    Well, I guess this situation could only happen to me. Okay, he has  other men for patients!