Wednesday, December 11, 2019


      Now for an 80 year old guy , I'm not too concerned about the image I have. I'm comfortable in my own skin.

      I admit that I'm a little rumply. Sometimes it may be borderline unkempt. (My opinion) But when it comes time to present an acceptable look I can get my act together. If I'm around the yard , anything goes. If I have to go out well be decent.

      So those shorts and belt just don't cut it compared to my neatly attired brother.

      This isn't too bad for being at the barbecue for 200 gr sevens

    ...and I was pretty neat looking after textbooks for my department.

    So what am I worried about now? My new neighbors shovel my walks before I can get out there. I live on a corner so there's lots to shovel. I thank them and say that we are both able to shovel. Well, they say we're out here so we might as well do it. I have another neighbor who will also shovel when I'm not looking.

     What is this? I like it and appreciate it. But am I presenting the image of an old man who needs help shoveling?  Have I fallen down in the snow lately? 

    None of these is the case. I just have very nice neighbors. Oh yes I do get a chance to shovel their walks sometimes!  It's fun.