Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jenn Jilks Interviewed on CBC Radio

         One of the blogs I follow is Cottage Country Reflections by Jenn Jilks. This lively, feisty blog deals with a fairly wide variety of topics. Jenn has a passion for health care, nursing care, volunteering, safety, environment and grandchildren. They are not necessarily ranked in this order and I've probably missed a few topics. .

        Jenn researches thoroughly and then pours her heart and soul into the post. Jenn sometimes makes more than one post a day.

       However. yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing her interviewed on CBC radio on  a program called "White Coat Black Art." This program is hosted by Dr. Brian Goldman and he covers all health topics in Canada. It's I program that I try not to miss.

      Yesterday was Jenn's turn to star on the program. Jenn was interviewed regarding the issue of volunteers in health care and their value and challenges. 

      So after following Jenn for a couple of years it was a pleasure to hear her voice and her comments on the value of volunteers in the health system.

     As with her blog , Jenn did a knock out interview. Congratulations Jenn.