Friday, June 10, 2022


      Canada has a program that assists people to renovate their home so that it is more energy efficient. You decide on a project and submit it to the government program and they will give you a grant to do the project. Projects could be for upgrading  insulation, windows ,doors etc. They send out a technician who checks if there is air leakage in any place. They make a recommendation as to what should be done. 

     We decided to put in  some windows under this program. 

     So about 3 months ago we registered for the program. Yesterday I received a confusing email saying that I had registered but not submitted a project. We were not supposed to submit a project at the time but wait until we were accepted. 

    So for the next step I could use my GC to enter the government website or snail mail. The micro manager said, "do this on line." I said, "no use mail." So after about 45 minutes of going around and around and not finding the place to register, well we decided to go the snail mail route.  We phoned and the person answering the phone wasn't much better than trying to use the website. 

    Every time I try to use a government website I have trouble. I know part of is me. When I phone for assistance and they walk me through the process it works. 

    Is anybody else completely baffled when it comes to using government web sites?