Monday, June 30, 2014

Blogger Glitch

     Last week there was a glitch on blogger. Some people used more colorful language to describe it. The people who use Word Press or others knew nothing about this problem.

    When a blogger posts you are notified with a small part of the blog topic covered. This usually lets you see up to 20 blogs or more depending on how you set it. If you're more than 20 blog behind in your reading you click "view more" and you see older blogs.

    Well last week blogger decided to show only one post at a time. So what ends up happening you miss 10 or 20 blogs because only one is shown at a time.

   Now when a glitch like this happens  , at first I don't notice it. When I do notice it I click on view more. Nothing happens so I click a few more times and I still have only one blog listed. So then I decide to go away for a while and think that when I come back the issue will have disappeared. Well it didn't disappear. I'll wait until tomorrow. The next day the issue is still there.  Meanwhile I'm missing reading blogs that are important to me. Okay, I'll go to my reading list and click  blogs one at a time and read them.. If some one has posted I'll read it. Now this is a lot of work because  most people don't post everyday.

   Finally, I go to the blogger help. Click on trouble shoot issues. Keep narrowing down the issues until you get to your issue. A form comes up and you leave blogger a description of the problem. They direct you to a forum and if that doesn't work some one will email you. At once I could see that the problem was not only mine. It looked as if it was a blogger problem. Many people had gone to blogger help.

    A couple of days later blogger had fixed the problem. 

   It's just that I go into panic mode and start beating myself up for the problem. It's nice when the problem is  solved. Did anybody else experience this problem? What did you do?.