Tuesday, June 15, 2021


      One of my favorite trees came to an accidental end this week. 

      This tree was a gigantic poplar . It was probably 70 ft high and had a trunk of over 2 ft . Lower branches were about 1 ft thick and I'm not sure what the branch coverage would be. And yes , this was a good looking tree...nicely shaped. This tree showed up in many of my photos but I couldn't find many of the photos. 

     So for this area the tree is exceptionally large. 

     A freak wind went through a few nights ago and the wind probably went between two trees and the giant was not strong enough to remain standing. About half of the trunk was rotten so the tree , while looking great, was probably not going to last too much longer. 

    This tree was  favorite of the bohemian waxwings so I just have the top of the tree in the photo.

      When I asked Karen to have my picture taken, I wanted to be up on the trunk above my head. She just said with great emphasis, "You're not going up there! " It's a good thing somebody  takes care of the fools!