Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Slams into Red Deer

       That's right folks winter paid us our first visit on Mon. Nov. 15 and it caught our attention sharply.

       Mon. Nov. 15 was a very nice day. It was sunny, calm and warm...high of 6 or 7 C(42-44F). Forecasts were saying, "winter storm watch." About 2:00PM it started to cloud over but the temperature remained the same. Around 7:00PM I looked out and guess what? The air was full of snow and a high gusty wind was blowing. It stayed mild for a few more hours and then the temperature gradually dropped. By morning we had 5 - 8 cm of snow and it had drifted around.

     When winter comes suddenly it's always a bit of surprise even though we've been warned.

     I like it when winter makes it's entry with a flare. All the suspense of waiting is over. Now we can hang on for 4 months of frigid weather. Our mind and attitude has to be adjusted and that is the secret of enjoying and surviving a prairie winter. A fellow blogger from Florida was doing the big whine last week when his temperature was 5C(42 F).  Right now 5C here would be a heat wave . So it's all relative. It depends where you are in location and mind. We can find activities to enjoy. I like cross country skiing so give me snow. I ski very hard and do not need gloves, hat or any heavy clothing at all. I have a pack with heavy clothing in case I stop.

    I enjoy following weather  descriptions and explanations of why certain weather occurs. There are certainly some excellent and interesting blogs to follow.

     So I'm set for the next few months to enjoy my winter. I think I can even survive Home Farm Girl's constant complaining about winter.

     Let me know how you're coping with winter where ever you may be.