Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lilac Time

    Late May and early June can be a peak season for lush fresh green growth. Along with that goes the top of the season for blooms.

Lilacs just coming into bloom

Another pair of beauties.
       When I bought my house in 1970 , there was a straggly little lilac on one corner very close to the house. Even I could tell that a shrub this close to the house wouldn't work. I contemplated throwing it away. I moved it and it has thrived. It has a very dark color and you see very few this shade. 

     The lilac is about 12 ft high so I've been trying to trim it back so the whole bush looks a little rough.

     Since this lilac is right beside the side walk, over the years I have noticed pieces disappear when it's in bloom. I don't mind if someone takes a bouquet. One day one of my neighbors came with her plant shears and told me how much she liked my lilac and could she get a bouquet. Sure! Help yourself. Then she admitted that she had taken bouquets before. She came for quite a few years and got a bouquet. I don't think she's been here for a couple of years so I'm going to have to cut a bouquet and take them to her.