Saturday, March 26, 2022


      I have pictured myself, incorrectly, as a handyman. I've written about it on a few posts.  I've done simple plumbing and electrical. Rough carpentry, like fences. Fixed appliances. I get some satisfaction from doing these jobs but a couple of years ago I wrote that I would quit. 

     Well, I didn't quit. 

     I've still repaired some things but it's difficult to see with trifocals. It's also difficult to bend to get in the right position. Fingers don't work like they used to. 

   Well I was dumb enough to try "a very simple" procedure the other day. 

   Our house is old enough to have a storm door. The space between the two doors is now not enough for the lock sets they sell today. 

    So I didn't have a lock on my storm  door. I wanted to be able to leave the main door open at night so that in hot weather a breeze could blow through the screen in the door and cool the house over night. So a simple fix would be to put a small dead bolt on my storm door with the screen. Now I've put many of these bolts on . They're the kind you use to put on gates and shed doors.

    Well, this one was to be a little different. I was modifying it's use. So needless to say it was difficult to measure and get things to line up. I couldn't close the door to measure. I had to keep the door open and "eye ball it. " The first time it didn't work so drill all those holes a little further back.

   So one of those little jobs that should have taken 45 min. took me all afternoon.

    When will I ever learn?