Tuesday, July 12, 2022


    The micro Manager and I usually go to the Jackpot Casino for lunch on Wednesdays. It's a special senior day and they have good lunch specials. We usually meet some other seniors we know and have visit. At least the micro Manager has a visit. 

     We can also enter a draw. I won it one time and it happened to be $400.00

    I wait for, and meet the Micro Manager in the same spot each week.

    It just happens where I wait there is a baccarat machine. Most Wednesdays the same individual is playing that machine. 

    Last Wednesday there were two men of Asian decent and they were playing together. 

    He would make his play , get off the stool and watch what happened in the game. They would chatter back and forth in an Asian language. I could not understand one word of their language.

    All of a sudden he exclaimed a loud  "Oh shit!" It was so sudden and unexpected that it got me chuckling. The only word I could understand from them was Oh shit!