Friday, October 21, 2016


    Seventy seven years ago this afternoon the lives of a young couple changed forever. I was born seventy seven years ago this afternoon. It was a terrifying time for my mother and stressful for my Dad. You see, I was born in a small farmhouse. The place was about 14' by 24' .  Mom had two of her friends , Linda and Margaret, assist with the birth. Their only claim for expertise was that they had had children. The country doctor sat and smoked and read magazines until the great event was about to occur.

     It was a very warm pleasant fall day. Dad said the house got warm as they were boiling water to be used for good hygiene. 

     So for the next 34 years my Mom cared for me and my Dad cared for me for 68 years.  Now I don't mean that they physically looked after me but as parents I was on their mind. I appreciate their support even though sometimes I disappointed them greatly. A couple of years before Dad died , he looked at me and said. "Well, you did alright!" Of all the things he said, this is the most meaningful. He approved of what I did.

   Today most births occur in a hospital with highly skilled specialists and nurses. The risks in the birth procedure for me were very high. Mothers ,in particular, paid a high price in childbirth at that time. 

      So on my birthday I like to think of the beginning and the important things that had to happen to bring me into the world. Birthday parties for being one year older? I can pass it up.