Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Favorite Jacket

      I have a very favorite leather jacket. I bought it at least 30 years ago and over  the years I  wore it more and more until it's become hard to take it off me. Well, I don't mean I wear it to bed or anything. If it's fall or spring and I'm going anywhere, I liked to wear my gray leather jacket.

Note the waste and shoulder where the color is gone. Now it did make me look like a had a big paunch!

     After a few years of wearing the jacket it became very comfortable. It just felt right in every way. It was light. The pockets were in exactly the right place. Nobody else had a gray leather jacket. It was all mine. I didn't pay attention to how it coordinated with other clothes I was wearing. That jacket just had to go with me.

    Now the last five years this jacket has been past it's prime. The gray dye has left it in many places so that the uncolored leather is showing through. I knew that the leather around one pocket was torn a little bit. This fall when I wore the jacket I noticed that the small tear had become quite large. The leather had just aged so that it was coming apart on it's own. The micro manager decided to sew it up if I didn't wear the jacket out any place. She also discovered some seams that had come apart. So, all in all, it looked pretty bad for my favorite jacket. 

   So the old gray leather jacket will be down graded to being worn where I'm not likely to see anybody. 

   So do you get attached to things like the jacket that I wore for a long long time?