Wednesday, August 28, 2019


    President Trump's performance at the recent G7 was rather pathetic. 

     He skipped some sessions. In particular sessions on climate change.

    Changes in the agenda were made and he was not prepared and did not cope with the changes.  The Iranian President was brought in. 

    In the final statement on the conference Trump quickly got off the topic and went rambling on about some national politics at home. 

    A number if irrational and incorrect claims were made ...his great friendship with the North Korean leader... the trade war being won by tariffs.

   Now he looked as if he was lacking energy and sleep walking through the conference. The world is going on without him. Sadly he is isolating his own country from the rest of the world.  He seems to think that if he sticks it to countries they will buckle under and agree to his greedy wants. He seems to be blind as to what the consequences could be by taking an isolationist position to international relations.

     The whole world is influenced by poor policy. People struggle . Working together can be and is difficult but it pays benefits. Tariffs are a tremendous waste of effort and assets.

    So it looks like for Trump the term ain't easy bein sleazy would fit his latest actions..