Tuesday, March 23, 2021


       A while ago I made a number of posts starting with my Great grandfather , moving to my grandfather and then my Dad. 

       I got reflecting on these posts and suddenly it hit me. I hadn't included and women!

      I'm not going to look around for excuses as to why I left the maternal side of my family out.

      My great grandmother died in 1911, the year before my Dad was born. Dad had no stories about her. She died of tuberculosis . I did not hear any of my relatives talk about her so I don't know what she was like.

     I knew my grandmother well. As little boys we stayed with her the odd time. She was an older woman when her first grandsons appeared on the scene. She had four grand daughters by the time I showed up. The only thing I remember is that she sometimes told us stories. Her stories were of central European origin and were of wolves, bears and foxes chasing people across the land. Grandma was a very hard worker under very trying circumstances where she didn't have any modern conveniences.

      This is the only photo I have of my grandma but it is just as I remember her. This was taken the year before she died. 

      I know lots about my mother who was a very hard working and caring person. she had to be hard working to look after us. My Mom lived a short hard life and died at age 59 . 

       So here I am with Mom.

       So there are stories to tell about my maternal side of the family . I will have to rectify that situation.