Saturday, September 27, 2008

Election 08

     When I started this blog the last thing I ever thought of was making political comment . Well, they called a federal election and I can't help myself .

      Now I haven't really made up my mind as to who to vote for ,but I do know who I won't vote for ...Steven Harper ...Conservatives ! I will comment on one area which is only one of several which makes it impossible for me to vote Conservative . I think that crime is an area that needs serious attention in Canada . I think that stiffer sentences and less bail is necessary but this is where the wheels fall off of the Harper bus . This is the only plan they have ...just pass a law for stiffer sentences ...that's it ...done ...finished ...problem solved . They have come up with a one dimensional plan .

     The corrections system /justice system is large and complex . Any change has to go along with other changes in the system . For example, there's no use giving out stiffer sentences if there's no place to put the inmates . For too many years federal and provincial governments have been cheaping out on building new institutions and as a result it is difficult for judges to refuse bail and give longer sentences when there is no room to put people .Inmates are double bunked in many institutions . Double bunking is a recipe for disaster . Inmates can not be locked up for twenty four hours a day in such confined spaces . I once stayed in a hostel unit with four bunks . When you sat on the edge of your bunk , you touched knees with the person across from you. My example is close to a double bunking situation .

      If you want stiffer sentences to succeed you need more judges , prosecutors , police , correctional workers .... Now police find it difficult to arrest and go to court as it takes too much time as the court system is back logged . For the last election Steven Harper promised 1000 more police which morphed into 600 and 400 clerical people and I'm not sure any new personnel were actually hired . Can you imagine 1000 more police for 33,ooo,ooo people . 100,ooo new police may have made a difference .

      So I think that if success is to be made in dealing with crime all areas have to be considered at he same time . The conservative plan is only one dimensional .

      I also know that some of Steven Harper's main ministers are some what lacking in their concept of a justice system . For example, Stockwell Day used to think and may still think that if a defence lawyer defends a pedophile then the lawyer supports pedophilia . This was illustrated by Day's letter to the Red Deer Advocate and the subsequent law suit which cost Alberta tax payers a bundle .

     So I won't vote Conservative . There are other areas which could receive the same criticism...fixed elections, in and out election funds, trust fund flip flops, Canadian wheat board ....

     Now all I have to do is find someone I can vote for. I will definitely vote as I think it's extremely important .