Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Outdoor Gym Comes to my Neighborhood

      I quite often post about being physically active. I've done a series of posts on "Old Guys Should." I've done cycling, cross country skiing, ice skating and hiking. I try to encourage seniors to push themselves to remain active. I am amazed at how active some seniors are and they give me a big boost to do better.

A local senior being active

      An outdoor gym was built in my neighborhood last summer and finished this spring. There are twenty stations and ten different types of apparatus. Recently people have been starting to use the facility. I notice that most people using the gym are probably people who would never go to a gym. I find seniors from a neighborhood adult housing complex, young people and young families. People are friendly and I'm sure that some people will benefit from the social contact. Some people are obviously new residents to our area.

A very pleasant outdoor gym

      So the last two nights I have stopped on my nightly bike ride and made a circuit of most apparatus. I've really got to work at the chin up. When I continued my bike ride I could feel that my legs felt as if they had done some work. Tonight I guess I spent more time on arms and shoulders as they felt good.

Red striding his little hearty out!

     So I have to congratulate my city for setting up the outdoor gyms around the city. This week they will have trainers at some of the gyms to provide coaching. I'm sure that these facilities will provide a great benefit to many people who would not ordinarily get to a gym.