Thursday, January 2, 2014

Another Snow Post

     I keep trying to ignore the snow we have been having recently but I can't. Each dump of snow adds another layer to what we already have. We have over 97 cm(39 in) of snow. This is what has been measured at the weather station. 

So the snow stick is on a table 

    I accidentally got myself  connected to Far Side's snow stick. I was only going to use the snow stick idea once but here I am again and the best way to show my snow is with the snow stick!

A nice cornice on the end of the house.

    December 29 we had about 10 cm (4 in)of snow. Again there was lots of vigorous shoveling.

And you remember this old guy. Now he's almost neck deep in snow.

    Now I think I've done more posts on snow than any other topic. My interest isn't snow. It just happens that we have been getting a lot of snow.

Pale afternoon light and shadow.