Monday, August 17, 2020


      The other evening when I was on my walk I had an encounter with a drone.

      I'm always interested in model airplanes and now drones although I don't have one and have only see one drone in action.

     The other night I noticed this little fellow off to my right about 50 m away and 15 to 20 m up. It was coming in my direction. It dropped elevation and came closer and closer. In fact, it was less than 5 m away. I was talking to two friends

     Now this encounter was spooky.  There was no noise. I felt as if someone was looking at me. I felt like talking to the creature.

    It was going to go between us when suddenly it veered up and away. Then I heard someone say, "Sorry about that " and I noticed two people on the school yard. 

    I'm sure this was the first time flying for this guy. He was learning and experimenting. 

    Now I know there are rules about where you can fly drones. This guy was a way off being legal. 

     Many people have fun with their drones and I can see why. They just have to learn the rules before they go out.

     My friend Tony got a drone for Christmas. He went out to try it and lost it. They looked for days to find his drone. A few weeks later someone came to the door with a drone and asked if this was his. Yes, it was and he had his Christmas present back.