Monday, November 24, 2014

So Many Questions!


The whole deal
      I was trying to find out how an old cheap scanner worked the other day and I managed to get a few photos. The one on the left is from 1975. The other two photos are from this month.

     When I look at the two different photos I'm reminded of Kris Kristoferson's "So many questions, So many answers." One can't help comparing the two photos. Is the first photo really me? Was I that person? What was I like in 1975? Was I better in 1975 or 2014? Which person do I like better? 

    Because there is such a world of difference one wonders. I have usually been a satisfied person. The first photo shows me when I was well into my career and family life. Times were busy and at times chaotic. Teaching was a busy career. It was go, go, go all day every day. It was the same at home with young kids. Somehow I had the energy to succeed in both worlds. There was little time for reflection. Much life experience was still to come.

    In 2014 the pace has slowed. I have time for reflection. I have time to look back on life and learn what was actually taking place. Sometimes I say I would like to start my teaching career over again with all the experience I had when I retired.

    When I look at these two photos. I'm happy about who I was but I'd much rather be the me of right now.