Thursday, March 23, 2023


       We eat out several times a week. Most of the time we go to the same restaurant. They cater to seniors. They have a $4.99 breakfast. Construction workers order ahead and have two breakfasts.

      We have their breakfast schedule at least once a week. As in many restaurants many things, such as salt and pepper, are on the table most of the time.

     For breakfast there is usually jam in a basket.

     Yesterday someone came to our table. The micro Manager heard it as "Where is Jim?" I just heard Jim. The Micro manager replied that she didn't know any Jim in the restaurant. The lady went away to another table. The people at the second table were a little brighter. They gave the lady the basket of jam.

     So the lady had an accent and was actually asking us for jam. 

     I'm sure that when she went away she thought that those two old people were very miserable not to give her any "Jim."