Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Scythe is Gone

         Earlier this year I did a post  about a scythe I had. I wanted to sell the scythe but wrote about my life time experience with scythes Little did I know that my scythe was pretty rare.

        I had the scythe advertised for several months and had a few enquiries. With my very literal mind I envisioned somebody buying the scythe and cutting grass. Now I should have known that nobody would cut grass with the thing because I've had it for forty years and I didn't cut grass with it. All that time I've never seen anyone else cutting grass with a scythe. It took up space and collected dust in my garage rafters.

        Someone made an enquiry recently about the scythe and today they came and bought it. He only wanted the handle but I sold the whole thing. What's it going to be used for? A piece of art. This fellow creates Gothic art  and he wanted the authentic curved scythe handle. He then said that he could use the blade for another art project.He told me that they were very hard to find. When I stopped to think about it it made sense.  I don't know how long scythe handles have been made with aluminum. It was too difficult to make handles from wood. The wood had to be soaked for some time. Then it was put in a jig and steamed. When it came out you had a curved handle which stayed curved forever but it had taken a tremendous amount of time and effort to make it that way.

       So today I parted with one of my treasures and stupid me finally got it around my head that my scythe would not be used for cutting grass.