Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rippin' Mad

     Now I'm a fairly cool and collected kind of boy. I don't get excited . It bothers me when somebody does show a loss of control.

    However, the other day I did get upset with myself.

   I decided to put a small bracket on my desk so that I could mount a fancy lamp. The desk has always been dark. The lamp was an extra so why not use it.
This should give me the precise light I want

My fancy block to attach the lamp

    I cut a piece of wood and sanded it nicely and painted it the same color as the desk. I attached the block of wood to the desk with four screws. I measured carefully. I drilled a hole in the block. I then used the drill tip to mark where I wanted the hole drilled in the desk. Here's where the wheels fell off the bus. To drill the hole in the block I needed  solid surface. I know! I'll use the desk. To begin with I watched carefully that the drill was over the edge of the desk. I was distracted and started again. I wondered why the drill hadn't gone through the block? Darn! The drill was going through the desk! A few choice words were said! Then I regained composure.

    I still had more painting to do. I filed the hole and painted it with the other touch up I had to do.

    It was a lame brained mistake. Am I the only one who makes this kind of mistake?