Monday, April 4, 2022


        Yesterday I started my spring yard work. No, I'm not stiff and sore today. 

        Here the first order of business is to clean off the lawn from winter debris. About the end of October the grass has been frozen so many times that it's  not green any more ,  just brown. Yardwork is finished for the season except for some shrub and tree pruning. Through the winter dust, dirt, leaves and assorted junk finds it's way on the grass.

       So as soon as it's ready we begin cleaning up the grass. There are four choices of how to do this job. You can ignore it and not do anything. You can hire a contractor who cleans yards. You can attach a dethatcher to your lawn mower and this acts like a rake. Or you can get out your grass rake and rake by hand!

      Well, of these four , you know the one I choose. Yes, rake the whole thing by hand. It usually involves three or four times over the grass. 

      We can't get started at this job until things dry up. I rake the parts that dry up first. Work on flower beds won't start until later as the soil is far too wet. 

     The photos show that there are areas of the yard that are still snow covered.  I rake the dry areas first and then the other areas will be dry by the time I'm finished. 

     It's late before our snow has melted but the days are long and plants soon grow very  quickly.