Friday, January 18, 2019


     Yesterday was a very raw winter day here. It was minus 16 F ( 2 above F) in the afternoon with some wind ...25 kph. 

     So that's nothing to keep a couple of seniors at home. The Micro Manager wanted to check on some meat in a grocery store, do some banking and meet my skating buddies for coffee at 3:30 PM. I was going to the library to get some help with my ipad.

    Now we discussed the logistics a few times. We would park at the store and walk to the library and bank. Finally after a few editions we agreed that the Micro Manager would check in the library to tell me she was going back to the car. About 3:30 I wound up the ipad session as we were supposed to be at coffee by that time. The Micro Manager had not checked in at the library. By 4:40 I wondered if she'd gone back to the car or if I had mixed up the logistics. I left the library at 4:40 and returned to the car and checked the store. She wasn't there. Obviously I had missed her so I started back to the library. Half way back to the library I detected some steam a couple of blocks away and there was a little black dot in the steam. She was wearing a black winter jacket, black pants, black boots and a black head scarf. I knew at once it was the Micro Manager and that she was in a wicked mood. 

   We met. 

   Her first question was , "Where were you?"  Things went down hill from there.  Apparently she was in the library looking for me while I was waiting at the front. Some pleasantries were exchanged and by the time we got back to the car cooler heads had prevailed. 

   So it's a case where plans made don't work. It's not funny at the time but after a while you look back and can laugh about it. I think we all have them once in a while . 

    Maybe it's time we got cell phones and kept track of each other.